A Whole Person Economy supports the transformation to an economy that enables the flourishing of all life. 

We do this through purposeful community, collaborative projects, rich content, financial literacy and educational events. 


Economic systems and markets are simultaneously beneficial and harmful forces in the world, providing opportunity for billions of people but also causing significant social and environmental degradation. However, it is eminently possible for our economic systems to provide for all aspects of the individual and society, not only through financial stability, but also by engendering purpose in people's lives, promoting healthy lifestyles, and enabling the full expression of the individual in the world. To achieve this goal, our personal values and ethics must guide our economic activities.

A Whole Person Economy provides a deeply human and holistic perspective on the changing landscape of business and economics, exploring how these topics are informed by personal values, dedicated practice, and connection to a higher purpose.


We engage a diverse group of new economy leaders and system practitioners who are actively working to rethink the way we approach economics, finance, and business.

A Whole Person Economy consists of several interwoven components:

Community: A collective of change agents and systems-level practitioners that are working to create values-based and regenerative economic models for the 21st century.

Projects and Consulting: Real world projects that enable taking the theories and ideas into practice.

Content & Education: Articles, content and educational programs on themes such as: the relationship between values & ethics, spirituality, religion, and economic thought; ecological and regenerative economics; systemic issues such as climate & poverty; and innovative approaches for inclusive economic development.

Events & Retreats: convening a cross-sector group of economists, spiritual leaders, finance professionals, business leaders, philanthropists, and civic sector professionals to explore how we can create an economic system that works for all.


Our goal is to take the idea forward as a co-created endeavor and provide a supportive community to create content, collaborate on projects, and participate in events and retreats. This next stage  focuses on community engagement, generating a cohesive list of member projects, planning events, and generating new, relevant, and easily digestible content that explores key themes.

We would like you to be part of this community and believe your contribution would be eminently valuable. We want to help enhance and add value to your work, while integrating WPE seamlessly into your life.

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