Whole Person Economy transforms economic systems so that they serve the highest expression of the individual in harmony with society and a thriving planet.

Together with our members and partners, we create coherent and actionable alternatives to outdated economic ideas, work to prototype and scale new approaches, and drive resources to individuals and organizations that integrate holistic economics, finance, and business practices.




The past sixty years have seen a massive proliferation of economic concepts and practices that can best be summarized as free-market fundamentalism; the notion that the highest outcomes for society (freedom, prosperity, wellbeing) are best achieved through extensive focus on free-markets.

However, exclusive focus on growth, consumption, and unbounded free markets has been historically proven to fail at producing beneficial outcomes for the majority. This pervasive ideology has been used to:

  • Compromise family and community bonds

  • Cause extensive environmental degradation

  • Usurp our political systems

We believe that economic systems that fail to serve the highest expression of the individual in harmony with society and ecology are not only ineffectual, but dangerous to our long-term biological, social, and economic well-being.




Our diverse community brings together extensive cross-sector expertise in these areas and beyond to enable capacity building



These activities are integral to effectively designing programs and outcomes that support the growth of a whole person economy:


Research & Development

Research effective strategies, policies, and real world examples of inclusive, equitable and compassionate economic models

Ecosystem Mapping & Design

Map the landscape of field-building individuals, organisations, and communities, and develop networks that support their advancement of foundational infrastructure for values-based economics


Education & Events

Create programs and events that inspire, nurture, and propagate the ideas of whole person economic thinking

Financial Product Design

Develop structured investment products that allocate capital from a wide array of investors in alignment with the core principles of whole person economics

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Evan Steiner

Evan Steiner

Rahmin Sarabi

Rahmin Sarabi

Brent Dixon

Brent Dixon



Bobbi Dunphy,    Finance the Future

Bobbi Dunphy, Finance the Future

Brian R. Weinberg,     NEXUS Global Summit

Brian R. Weinberg, NEXUS Global Summit

David Hodgson,     Prospero

David Hodgson, Prospero

Jed Emerson,     Blended Value

Jed Emerson, Blended Value

Cameron Burgess,    Uncompromise

Cameron Burgess, Uncompromise

Justin Markell, Engagement

Justin Markell, Engagement

Madelynn Martiniere,    Uncompromise

Madelynn Martiniere, Uncompromise


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