We enable economic systems that provide for a thriving society

One in which all citizens have financial security, strong communities, creativity & expression, a healthy environment, and connection to purpose.

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Ideas Into Action

Together with our members, we co-create coherent and actionable alternatives to outdated economic ideas, work to prototype and scale new approaches, and drive resources to individuals and organizations that integrate holistic economics, finance, and business practices.


• Co-create a diverse, experienced community of new economic practitioners 

• Develop programs that take ideas in action

• Drive real-world outcomes, gauge effectiveness, and adapt practices 

Key Activities

research  • education • venture development • content  •  events


Long Term Economic Thinking

Program launch this winter

This inquiry-driven program will take a multidisciplinary approach to long-term economic thinking by bringing together thought leaders from a range of academic and professional fields.

Rather than seeking to define a coherent economic future, our objective for this first convening will be to take the long view of how we got to this present moment. This pilot event will launch an ongoing program that seeks to merge disparate discourses on economic thinking into a coherent conversation while providing opportunities for resource sharing and collaboration.

Invitation-Only | With support from The Long Now Foundation



Some of the programs we’re currently focused on are as follows:


Narrative monkey

Spreads values-based economic ideas & practices in an effective, scalable manner


WPE Catalyst Fund

Supports a broader ecosystem of partners to realize projects exemplary of Whole Person Economics


Resilient communities

Fosters eco-beneficial real estate projects integrating community & shared ownership




Our diverse community brings together extensive cross-sector expertise in these areas and beyond to enable capacity building



It will go far in supporting WPE’s development.

All proceeds go toward the evolution & sustainability of our organization & programmatic initiatives.