Why the term "whole person"?

A Whole Person Economy creates a forum for that exploration, without judgment or accusations. It is an uplifting and spirited tone for a tough conversation.

There are several concepts embedded in the name, such as:

  • A “whole person” is expressed in multiple aspects of their life – health and wellness, purpose and meaning, material and career success, and spiritual development. Economics should focus on enabling rather than hindering this potential within the individual and society.

  • Many of us believe the root of all global issues lies at the intersection of economics and culture. Therefore you must evolve both simultaneously to drive real change.

  • Religion and spirituality are largely guided by the search for Truth. Economics should serve the same purpose.

  • In order to change the world, first you have to be able to change yourself. Whole person development should set the foundation of any new economic framework.

  • WPE framing allows us to view and integrate economics, finance and business from many different lenses simultaneously (regenerative, sustainable, yogic, buddhist, burning man, circular, abundant).

  • From a messaging perspective the term “whole person” reduces bias compared to a more new age or religious term, such as “The Spiritual Economy.”

  • We inevitably make the claim that global issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality are in fact moral issues. The intent is not to place blame, but to engage in this conversation from a place of compassion and understanding.