Commitment & Contribution 

It is our hope that participating in this initiative provides significant value to your life and work. The intention is to structure it in a way that minimizes the time commitment and maximizes the benefit. We know the value of having a supportive network to help us advance our projects and movements forward. The sum of WPE is only as great as its individual pieces.

The myriad of ways to participate in A Whole Person Economy include:

Member Community: Be a recognized member of A Whole Person Economy founding member community on the website. Help identify and bring in new members into the collective. Participate in knowledge sharing with internal WPE member community.

Content: Work with the writing and editorial team to distill down key concepts and generate relevant content for distribution.

Projects: Contribute to the success of community members by providing input and advice on their projects and at times acting as paid consultants.

Events & Retreats: Participate in WPE events and retreats as speakers, educators, and workshop leaders.

Organizational Development: The goal is for this to be a co-created endeavor, and for the members of the community to have significant ownership and input for the direction moving forward.

An introductory call will help us discover how to best integrate A Whole Person Economy into your life and work. Click here to schedule.

Are we creating a newly defined economic model?

A Whole Person Economy is not attempting to dictate or put forward a specific economic model (Regenerative, Circular, Integral, Systems, Sacred, Human, etc.) as being correct or true, but rather to explore these different concepts, realize they are all aspects of a similar trend, and work to bridge the gap from niche to mainstream audiences.  Through a project portfolio approach and various discussion mediums, WPE is a lab to test new ideas.