The best way to change the world is to love the world exactly as it is.

Individuals are increasingly trying to align their careers with making an impact, changing the world, or improving the lives of others. While "changing the world" is undoubtedly a noble ambition, the concept inherently starts with the assumption that there is something that is wrong and needs to be fixed. It psychologically takes us out of a place of contentment and ease and moves us into discord with the world. 

A popular spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, said during a meditation retreat that his favorite definition of enlightenment is "an absolute cooperation with the inevitable." After stating this, he pointed to the present moment as the quintessential inevitability. It is here at every turn, and we can either choose to be in cooperation with it or not. This perspective implies that the present moment is inherently perfect, simply because it is the present moment. Both the wonderful and terrible things that may be taking place are fundamentally and perpetually ok. 

While there are many immense challenges we face as a society, our internal state and outlook matter as we seek to address these issues. Taking action from a place of love and gratitude, in cooperation with the present, is an infinitely more effective place to move from than discord and strife. Plus, your day to day experience will be immensely more enjoyable. Don't make your happiness contingent upon the world evolving into an idealized image that you have in your head, even if it is a beautiful image. If you want to make a difference in the world, first learn to love the world exactly as it is. 

evan steinerComment