Bay Area New Economic Thinking Meetup


An open forum designed to  explore new visions and goals of what we want our political and economic system to achieve.

The first New Economic Thinking MeetUp (BANET) took place on April 27th 2017 at Block 71 in San Francisco. The next will one is planned for late June 2017. Please sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about future MeetUps. 

These events gather a diverse audience that participates in a forum about new economic thinking projects, resources and initiatives in the Bay Area. 

The purpose of this meetup group is to (1) explore new visions and goals of what we want our political and economic system to achieve, (2) understand the rules of the current system and how they are causing undesirable outcomes, and (3) formulate courses of correction, change and transition to more sustainable political and economic systems that align with our new visions and goals. At the heart of this inquiry is the fundamental question of what it is to be human, and what are our relationship and connection is with fellow humans, non-human life, and our ecology.

This meetup group will appeal to

(i) anyone at all, whether an expert or simply curious, who seeks an economic system that better serves the needs for all compared to our current system;

(ii) specialists in law, politics, economics, history, ethics, and other relevant fields, interested in shaping the features and rules of new economic thinking and the next system;

(iii) specialists in cultural change, anthropology, sociology, behavior studies, psychology, neuroscience and other relevant fields, who would like to help us figure out how promote the adoption of new economic thinking; and/or

(iv) technologists interested in the appropriate role that technology can play in a transition to the next system