Member Projects

Our community of systems practitioners work on a myriad of mission-driven projects, social businesses, investment funds, philanthropic programs, purpose-based communities, and other initiatives that represent values-based and regenerative economic models for the 21st century. Below are examples of real-world member projects that exemplify A Whole Person Economy.


Finance the Future

Finance the Future is a diverse consortium of investors, innovators, lawyers and creatives with a shared mission to transform financial markets for the betterment of people and the planet. We recognize the need to build blended investment vehicles capable of allocating billions and trillions of dollars toward a resilient and profitable global economy. 


Impact Hub Oakland

 The mission of the Impact Hub: Oakland is to build an entrepreneurial community and co-working space to create solutions for a world that works for all. Impact Hub is a community of change that supports professional and personal growth through progressive business expertise, supportive relationships and physical location that serves to bring together and inspire community. 




IDEATE is a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and amazing humans that come together to explore how the principles of Burning Man can influence projects, businesses, and initiatives in the Default World. 


The Buckminster Fuller Institute

The Buckminster Fuller Institute ( is dedicated to accelerating the identification, development, and deployment of strategies which radically advance human well being and the health, resilience, and regeneration of Earth's ecosystems. BFI offers innovative programs that provide comprehensive and anticipatory perspectives on the interconnected challenges and opportunities facing humanity, engage leading thinkers and practitioners demonstrating whole systems strategies addressing complex problems, and provide opportunities to design and test those strategies.


Etho Capital

Investors increasingly want their investments to better reflect their ideals without compromising performance. Etho Capital is an active investment manager creating top-quality strategies that deliver financial performance in combination with greater Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) sustainability. WPE supports investment strategies that incorporate sustainability in smart, skilled ways will be more competitive and produce better returns over time.



CTZNWELL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that aims to do just that. Through personal practice, community building, and collective action CTZNWELL transforms communities and restructure the world to support the conditions of wellbeing for all.WPE supports movements that engage the public in mindful approaches to healthcare, food justice, living wage, climate change and education, starting with the self.



Elpida Project

 In partnership with the Greek Ministry of Migration, the Radcliffe Foundation is working with on-the-ground partners to open the Elpída Project Center to house refugees in northern Greece. This pilot project, which is rehabilitating an abandoned clothing factory 20 minutes north of Thessaloniki, envisions an official camp designed with a humane approach, bringing together lessons learned and best practices from groups currently working in refugee camps in Greece. Collaboration with the refugees themselves runs throughout the process, giving them a say in their own welfare. 

Propiedades logo.png


Propiedades is transforming real estate for the Mexican people via technological infrastructure and data centralization. The company is first and foremost a mission-driven organization - the business model, strategy, and partnerships we forge are focused on enabling Propiedades to have a significant positive impact on the Mexican People. It supports projects that provide opportunities to engage the population to achieve broader social innovation outcomes in real-estate and urban planning.