Moving past nonprofit vs. for-profit

Life is nuanced, subtle, and highly contextualized. Very little in this world is black and white. However, many aspects of society today are viewed through stark polarities. Good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, democrat vs. republican, socialism vs. capitalism… There is a huge amount of nuance in between each of these examples, but since it is harder to build the world in shades of grey, we simplify things into opposite buckets that are easier to comprehend and act upon. The tragedy is that the nuance and the subtlety is also the beauty. It is where we find our commonality, our shared values, and our humanity.


the best way to change to world is to love the world exactly as it is

Individuals are increasingly trying to align their careers with making an impact, changing the world, or improving the lives of others. While “changing the world” is undoubtedly a noble ambition, the concept inherently starts with the assumption that there is something that is wrong and needs to be fixed. It psychologically takes us out of a place of contentment and ease and moves us into discord with the world.


the four aims of life in organizational culture

The Four Aims of Life is an ancient Hindu concept referring to the four goals or pursuits of human existence. In sanskrit, the word is Puruṣārtha, which literally means “an object of human pursuit.” They present a profound and useful method for personal development and spiritual growth. The Four Aims are Artha, Kama, Dharma, and Moksha. A quick translation, respectively, is livelihood, pleasure, purpose, and liberation. Focus and progression in each of these areas is necessary for an individual to feel whole and live a fulfilled and happy life.