Tibet Sprague

Tibet is a communitarian since birth, an entrepreneur and technologist by trade, and passionate evangelist of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. After six years helping grow the residential solar industry as VP of Engineering at One Block off the Grid, Pure Energies and NRG Home Solar, he is currently exploring how to apply his skills in digital technology towards community building, redesigning our economic system for the 100%, creating regenerative systems, and rethinking our social structures to be more collaborative, compassionate, decentralized, and full of joy. Towards these goals he has recently started a new cooperative software agency, the Terran Collective, working to build both operational systems and software tools to enable organizations that support and empower whole humans. Tibet believes that fundamental to successfully transforming our economy will be changing the cultural stories at the root of capitalism, shifting from a worldview based on separation and scarcity to one that embraces interconnection and abundance. The Terran Collective is at the intersection of this cultural transformation, economic and structural system change, and personal empowerment and healing, through a lens of technology. On the side Tibet is involved in the Universal Basic Income community in the Bay Area, pushing for this policy as a big next step that is both feasible and has the potential for massive impact.