The past decades have seen a massive proliferation of economic concepts and practices that can best be summarized as free-market fundamentalism, the notion that the highest outcomes for society – freedom, prosperity, and wellbeing - are best achieved through extensive focus on free-markets. However, the exclusive focus on growth, consumption, and unbounded free markets does not lead to positive outcomes for large portions of our society. This pervasive ideology has usurped our politics, been used to justify extensive environmental degradation, and continues to break apart the bonds of our households and communities.

The extensive proliferation has been enabled by several forms of “key infrastructure”  


Think Tanks

Engaging in research, policy development, strategy, and setting a broader agenda.



Adopting it as their economic and social platform.



Widely adopting it as foundational to the study of economics.



Enabling significant concentration of resources and power.


Public Policy

Cementing market centrism.


Massive Investment

From business and finance interests.