A program of Consciousness & Integration for wisdom keepers, high level practitioners and resource holders deeply committed to personal and collective transformation.

Initial session: July - Sep ‘19

Our personal and spiritual development sets the foundation of all our efforts to make the world a better place. It allows us to make decisions, build organizations, and create an economy that aligns with our values. This program provides pathways and experiences such that we can advance and integrate expanded fields of consciousness into our lives and our work.


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Whole Person Development

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Cognitive Psychology, East-West Integration, Modern Spirituality, Consciousness, Human Development, Holistic Medicine

New Economic Thinking

Innovative Finance, Regenerative Development, Humane Organizations, Ecological Civilization, Culture Design

Global Issues in Ecology & Society

Ecological Crisis, Social Justice and Equity, Water and Oceans, Food and Agriculture, Governance & Policy, Health Care, Education

Systems and Complexity

Complexity Science, Systems Methodologies, Ethical Technology, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Ledger Technology


A 12-week program with:

  • Deep dives with multidisciplinary master teachers & wisdom keepers

    • 90-minute Zoom calls, alternating weeks

  • Group integration circles

    • 75-minute Zoom calls, alternating weeks

  • Structured curriculum and readings

Who This is For

  • Leading practitioners working in systems, complexity, and new economics that could benefit from more support and mentorship

  • Impact investors, philanthropists & traditional investors looking to deploy capital in service of a [whole person] economy

  • Teachers on the front lines of creating a whole person economy and looking to deepen their leadership.

Commitments for Participants (FAQ)

The foundational commitment is one 75-90 minute call per week and a daily meditation practice. We recognize that many have full lives and ask for agreement to be present for 80-90% of calls.

  • The program presents a range of additional modalities, such as meditations, diet purifications, reflection practices, and additional etc. Our intention is to support participants in discernment to identify practices that best meet their lives.

  • Participants are expected to engage from their own intrinsic motivation and are responsible for their own experience. This is not an accountability circle.

What You Will Experience

  • Deepened capacity as a force for good in the world, bringing more of yourself and your wisdom forward.

  • Insight and attunement on how to apply your time, energy and money in service of thriving.

  • Relationships with wisdom between wisdom keepers, high level practitioners and resource holders

  • Invitations to additional offerings in the community such as mentorship, 1:1 coaching, and retreats.


  • Reciprocity and donation-based