The inaugural event of a new program on Long Term Economic Thinking produced by Whole Person Economy with support from the Long Now Foundation, Buckminster Fuller Institute, and a growing list of partners.

What to expect

This inquiry-driven program will take a multidisciplinary approach to long-term economic thinking by bringing together thought-leaders representing a range of sectors and expertise. Our objective for this first convening will be to take the long view of how we got to this present moment rather than to define a coherent economic future. This pilot event will launch an ongoing program that seeks to merge disparate discourses on economic thinking into a coherent conversation while establishing and strengthening systems for mutual support, shared resources, and collaboration.

Why your voice is important

Given the multidisciplinary focus of this program, we consider your work and your voice to be integral to the ecosystem of long term economic thinking. We have worked to curate a range of perspectives for this event, such that each of our hand-selected participants holds a unique and essential key to the larger conversation.

How to participate

We invite you to participate not only in the inaugural event but in the ongoing initiative through intellectual, operational, and financial contributions, all of which will ensure the evolution and sustainability of this program. Please contribute at your discretion. All proceeds will go towards the evolution and sustainability of this program.