What Is It?

The Whole Person Economy provides a deeply human perspective on the changing landscape of business and economics. It is a website and blog that explores how personal values, spiritual practice, and connection to higher purpose can inform economic and business strategies and perspectives. 


What is the Perspective of the Site?

Economic systems and markets are both beneficial forces in the world, providing opportunity for billions of people, as well as deleterious, causing significant social and environmental degradation. However, it is imminently possible for our economic systems to provide for all aspects of the individual and society. Not only financial stability, but also engendering purpose in people's lives, promoting healthy lifestyles, and enabling the full expression of the individual. 


To achieve this goal, our personal values and ethics must infuse our economic system so that we focus more on maximizing societal value than we do on simply maximizing profit. Many spiritual traditions, such as yoga and buddhism, provide an important lens for how we can consistently align our values with our business and economic systems. 


Who Contributes?

The Whole Person Economy works to have a diverse array of contributors. It is not curated only to showcase big names, but instead focuses on many kinds of professionals that consistently align their values and purpose with their work. 


Why Contribute?

There are countless talented and passionate people doing amazing things in the world. Oftentimes, these individuals are extremely busy and are not able to spend much time writing, reflecting, and sharing. The goal of The Whole Person Economy is to provide a creative outlet for these individuals and to share their stories and perspectives.


Writing for The Whole Person Economy helps you:

- Reach New Audiences - Especially if you are not currently spending time writing or creating web content, this is a great way to let people know about your work and what you stand for 

- Refine Your Ideas  - The act of writing is effective at bringing clarity to your  ideas. 

- Reveal Thought Leadership- You have great insight and a breadth of life experience. Authentically sharing your ideas and experiences can  promote you as a thought leader in the areas that you work.   


What is the Commitment?

The number of blog posts you write is up to you. The recommendation is to commit to at least 1 or 2 per month to ensure there is consistency and momentum. Like most things in life, writing takes discipline, and it can be challenging to fit it in to a busy schedule. A commitment to a certain amount of posts will make your work more consistent and prolific. 


Is there Support?

You are not in this alone, and my commitment is to work with you to achieve your goals. I am happy to:  

- work with you to formulate your ideas, create a writing plan, and provide feedback on your posts before they are published 

- consistently promote your posts through The Whole Person Economy website, newsletter, social media, and other marketing channels

- post your content on third party platforms and other blog sites, expanding reach and awareness 


What is the format of each post? 

The ideal post on the Whole Person Economy is both conceptual and practical. While the content can focus on big topics such as new economic theories, reframing business and finance, the relationship between business and yoga, or other big picture topics, it should also speak from your own experience and describe concrete ideas and examples that are relevant to others in their day-to-day life. The ideal post is insightful, specific and practical. 


The length of the posts should be a few paragraphs or less, perhaps 5 or 6 at the most. The content is not a diatribe or manifesto, but specific ideas expressed succintly.