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Claudia Brenner is the Principal at Atomic Strategic Design, an agency focusing on solving complex challenges at the core by applying visualization and strategic systems, innovation and user-centered design practices.  She cultivates and shows opportunities for innovation using multi-dimensional, interactive maps.  Claudia has delivered impact by leveraging digital solutions with their supporting organizations and infrastructures. 

Claudia works at the convergence of business, design, technology and life sciences. Her current focus emanated from integrating complex information systems globally; across and between enterprise such as mergers, business process integrations, portal platforms, mobile applications and mission control performance dashboards.  Clients/companies include Fortune 1000, medium-sized and start-up companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Applied Biosystems, Scient, Oracle, and IBM.

Currently, Claudia is on the board of directors for Bay Area Green Tours.  Previously, she served five years as Chair and Vice Chair of BayCHI (Bay Area Society for Computer Human Interaction), an association promoting user experience and design practices pioneers.