A Co-creative PROGRAM for leading Practitioners to CATALYZE KEY FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE in service of an economy That is thriving for all life

Initial Cohort: July - Sep ‘19

Alternative financial infrastructure is necessary. Today, long-term value generation is systemically disadvantaged in a paradigm beholden to a never-ending quest for short-term ROIs. Meaningful alternatives are nascent and do not exist at the scale of the cohesive ecosystem that is needed.

What to expect

This program invites resource-holders, multi-disciplinary thought leaders, and front-line entrepreneurs to come together in a co-creative, inquiry-based journey. In partnership with master-level guides, you will inquire into where we are, how we got here and what the highest leverage ‘trim tabs’ are to be developed in service of the futures we desire with a specific focus on financial infrastructure.

Throughout, the program will be grounded in whole person developmental practices to advance and integrate expanded fields of consciousness into the work.

Your voice is important

We have curated a range of perspectives and disciplines for this program with the belief that each participant holds a unique and essential key. The challenges we face are ecosystemic, as must be our approach to developing solutions.


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Who This is For

  • Impact investors, philanthropists & traditional investors looking to deploy capital in service of ecosystem-based outcomes

  • Front-line Entrepreneurs working on next economy offerings

  • Leading practitioners working in systems, complexity, and new economics

  • Master Teachers looking to deepen in co-creative leadership with multidisciplinary peers


A 16-week program with:

  • Kick off: Day-long in person at the TaoHaus

  • Weekly 90-minute Zoom calls, alternating weeks

  • Culmination: Day-long in person at the TaoHaus

Provoking Questions


Where are we? How did we get here? What are the root narratives underpinning the world we’ve created? What are the emerging narratives of wholeness and interconnection that emerging? How do we meet society where it is at in advancing these new narratives?

Whole Person Development

How do we integrate more wholeness in our own lives? In our relational dynamics at work, in community and at home? What does a society look like that creates whole people? How might we remake our institutions across education, government, business and our spiritual lives?

New Economic Thinking

What is happening at the front lines of the ‘Next Economy’? What are the barriers preventing this work from scaling deeper, further, faster?

Global Issues in Ecology & Society

How can we sit with and hold with compassion the full extent of the ecological crises? How is it intertwined with the social crises of human devastation? What are the trim tabs to take action?


What financial infrastructure is being called for to birth a new paradigm? How is it being realized today? What are the biggest impediments and levers for action?


  • Deepened coherence as a multidisciplinary sangha of master teachers and practitioners

  • Identification of key trim tabs to take catalyzing action on

    • Examples may include

      • A Catalyst Fund with innovative financial structures

      • Key organizations and institutions to incubate

      • Key policies to advance

  • A co-developed curricula that can be shared in future offerings across the next economy ecosystem, grounded in the wisdom of this group

WPE’s Intention

  • We are here to supercharge the collective power of this sangha. That includes:

    • Facilitation to invite in the collective wisdom

    • Research and production capacity to assemble a curriculum that invites in the core wisdom of each participant

    • Cataloguing of all the artifacts from this collective work

  • We’ll be allies in taking action on what emerges from this cohort such that the good ideas are realized